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If there is one thing technology makes possible, it is to transport the composer's imagination to unknown sound worlds. Fifty years ago Stockhausen had already anticipated the potential of live interaction: a visionary anticipation that would become apparent years later in the emergence of the mixed repertory for solo instrument and electronics.

In the case of Klaviere, I have aimed to explore the classical sound splitting by means of a re-reading of the instrument, I construct a universe in which the ambiguity between the real and the unreal imposes itself. From the acoustic piano four more pianos emerge which dialogue with the first, creating a contrapuntal web over which the pianist navigates, travelling between the rigorousness of the score and the freedom of interaction itself.



Live electronics




dur. : 10'

Commissioned by Jan Gerdes

World Premiere on January 20 2015 by Jan Gerdes at Unerhoerte musik (Berlin) 


BabelScores (+info)


27. February 2019 | Hochschule für Musik & Theater (Hamburg/Germany)

28. Octuber 2018 | Jan Gerdes | Fundació Sa Nostra - Palma de Mallorca (Spain)

22. November 2015 Maison | Jan Gerdes | Franco-Britannique - Paris (France)

17. Octuber 2015 | Jan Gerdes | Ensemble d'Arts de Valencia  (Spain)

14. April 2015 | Jan Gerdes | Fundació Sa Nostra - Palma de Mallorca (Spain)

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